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Maramures is the region where ancient traditions, the folk costumes and old art are preserved like nowhere else in Romania. Maramures virtually is a vast museum in open air. The wooden churches are true folk art masterpieces and the carved wooden gates need no special introduction as they have been the symbol of Maramures for a long time.


- Merry Cemetery from Sapanta
- Desesti world heritage church – 1770
- Budesti world heritage church – 1643
- water mill – Sarbi
- handicrafts men – carving wood – Barsana
- Barsana Monastery


- 4 persons: 15 euro/person
- 2 persons: 30 euro/person
The price include gas, car and guide !

We also do any other trips, transfers and shuttle services to match guests' requests. We can pick you up from anywhere around Maramures and Bucovina area and drive you anywhere in Romania. Just let us know what your plans are!


Florin Muntean
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Sighetu Marmatiei – Suceava  or  Suceava – Sighetu Marmatiei

- Humor Monastery – 1530
- Voronet Monastery – 1488
- Painted eggs Museum – Ciocanesti
- Prislop Pass – 1416 m
- Ieud wooden church – 1364


- 4 persons: 30 euro/person
The price include gas, car and guide !

Sighetu Marmatiei – Cluj Napoca  or  Cluj Napoca – Sighetu Marmatiei

- Cosau valley
- Budesti world heritage church – 1643
- Neteda Pass - 1058 m
- Surdesti world heritage church – 1721


- 4 persons: 25 euro/person
The price include gas, car and guide !

Sighetu Marmatiei – Sighisoara  or  Sighisoara – Sighetu Marmatiei

- handicrafts men – carving wood – Barsana
- Barsana Monastery
- Ieud church - 1364
- Setref Pass – 825 m


- 4 persons: 30 euro/person
The price include gas, car and guide !


   Jon Visser - Nederlands
The Muntean family was very helpful in all aspects and I really enjoyed staying, even adding on an extra night to enjoy the area. The rooms were quiet, very clean, sunny and comfortable. Location was great, too. In addition, we were able to purchase a guided car tour courtesy of the proprietor and saw so very much of the countryside as well as visited local artisans for a reasonable price per day. We were picked up from the train station and brought back at the end of our stay free of charge. Very nice and I'll go back!

   Har Looi Lee - Singapore
We enjoyed thoroughly our 2 nights stay at Casa Muntean. We had a comfortable and clean room in a nice big traditional wooden house. Florin, our host also tour guide did a wonderful job with our every needs including fetching us from Campulung at short notice driving through bumpy mountainous roads for 6 hours! Our hostess, Ioana, made us delicious hot meals. We are glad to have made our decision to stay in Casa Muntean while exploring those interesting places in Maramures. Thanks to Florin and Ioana for making our stay an enjoyable and memorable one.

  Karen Wilson - USA
Looking at my time in Romania I would say that Sighet and Casa Muntean was where I enjoyed myself the most. The facilities were new and clean and very comfortable with traditional wooden decor and a traditional wooden gate. Florin met me at the train station and drove me to the pension which took about 5 minutes. His family was also wonderful and welcoming- his wife making the best traditional meals at a low cost. It was like no other hostel I have stayed in before. It was relaxing and had an air of home to it. Also, Florin offered us tours of the nearby sites, allowing us to witness a slice of the Maramures lifestyle. If you are looking for a warm welcome upon your arrival in Maramures I recommend staying at Casa Muntean.

Nicole Shibley - Australia
Amazing place to stay! I took all the extra food options and extended my stay to 3 nights from 1. Food was lovely the best and most real Romanian food in my whole trip to Romania. Very lovely family to stay with I felt well cared for and enjoyed the day trip around the sights of the region. This region feels like the REAL Romania!


     Maramures is the region where ancient traditions, the folk costumes and old art are preserved like nowhere else in Romania. Maramures virtually is a vast museum in open air. Here, people still use home appliances and implements that otherwise can be seen only in museums. That is why the village is the primordial element of tourism in Maramures. The tourists attending one of the folk celebrations such as Tanjaua of Hoteni (around 10th of May), Hora of Prislop (around 15th of August), Sambra Oilor or a day of a patron of one of the most important churches will be impressed by the spirit, light and colour discharged by the folk customs, art and costumes.
     The wooden churches are true folk art masterpieces. One comes across them in almost all Maramures villages, the oldest wooden church – 1364 – is to be found in Ieud (restored several times).
    The carved gates need no special introduction as they have for a long time now been the symbol of Maramures. They can be admired in the villages along the valleys of Iza, Mara or Cosau. The same stand valid for the folk costumes. One point should nonetheless be made, namely that many locals wear them every day, not only on Sundays as in other parts of the country.
    Among the gems of Maramures “The Merry Cemetery” holds a special place. It is unique in the world and is located in the village Sapanta which also excells in other specific handicrafts: wool bed spreads, towels, small purses and other.
    Unique is also the Vaser Valley opening from Viseu de Sus. Along approximately 50 km , a narrow-track train driven by a steam locomotive take tourists to a wild valley with waterfalls and tunnels.
    Sighetu Marmatiei is an important tourist and cultural centre. Worth mentioning is the Ethnography and Folk Art Museum, with an outdoor section: The Village Museum. An already famous Festival of Winter Folk Customs and Traditions is hosted by Sighet every year at 27th of December. Also here one may visit the former prison now called “Memorial to Arrested Thought” and arranged as museum.


Bucovina county is a cradle of ancient civilization, where history intertwines with legend. It is situated in the north-east of Romania. A great number of tourist attraction can be found on a relatively small area. One may practice here winter and summer sports, hunting and fishing. At the same tim e it is an excellent place for a peaceful holiday. The Suceava Mountains offer natural sites of great variety and attractiveness. The chains of monuments with exterior paintings are prominent among the vestiges admirably integrated with the landscape. UNESCO included them among the world art masterpieces:
-The Humor Monastery - 1530
-The Voronet Monastery – 1488 – was built by Stephan the Great. It is the most valuable painted church of Bucovina and it has an unusual freshness due to the famous “Blue of Voronet”
-The Moldovita Monastery – 1532
-The Sucevita Monastery – 1582
-The Putna Monastery – 1469 – teh tomb of Stephan the Great is in this monastery. One may also see here an important museum of medieval art
 -The Dragomirna Monastery - 1609


      Sighisoara is the only mediaeval citadel in Europe that is fully inhabited. Known as the “Pearl of Transylvania” since the last century, the citadel-town lies in the heart of Romania, on the river Tarnava Mare.
      The picturesqueness of the scenery, the historical heritage, the hospitality of the inhabitans have made Sighisoara the ideal host of numerous cultural events. Thus, Sighisoara is the venue of the International Mediaeval Art Festival, the classical Music Festival and other topics.
      The most important tourist attractions of the town are: the Citadel with the nine defence towers (the Clock Tower being the most important one of all and hosting the History Museum), the Museum of Mediaeval Weapons, the Vlad Dracul house, the Church on the Hill.